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We combine cultural philosophies, practices, and tools that increase the ability to deliver applications and services.

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MetricsViews is an organization delivering smart, simple and one-stop solution to all your problems. Our service aims to provide you with well-researched and sophisticated DevOps engineering as per your requirements.

  • OORT Cloud Estimator
  • Architect - Solution/Technical
  • Planning - The Agile Way
  • Implementation - Business Solutions
  • Release Management
  • Monitoring, Documentation & Support

Each solution is tailored per the clients requirements. Be it a Monolithic or a Microservices Architecture, we strictly follow best practices and standards across project life cycle.

  • Startups
  • Product Development
  • Build-Operate-Transfer
  • All Essential Elements for Software Life Cycle Management


At MetricsViews, we work hard to make sure you want to work with us again and grow for long term success. Whether you are an SME, a large corporation or a not-for-profit, we will provide you with the same friendly, flexible, professional and highly skilled service.

We know that each customer has different needs and requirements. Therefore, we do not limit ourselves to any one engagement model or process – we focus on flexibility and adaptability to suit you.

We have designed a culture that allows our stalwarts to assimilate with our clients and bring the best of who we are to your business. Our culture drives our – and more importantly – your success.

  • Everything we do is of the highest quality, from the code we write and the products we develop to the communication we have with our teammates, customers and partners.

  • We are creative thinkers and executors understanding that every situation is different and require flexible, creative and pragmatic approaches to arrive at the best outcome.

  • We are honest, ethical and consistent in all of our practices, all of the decisions and actions are executed with the best interests of our teammates, customers and partners as our highest priority.

  • Above all, we love making AMAZING software!!


OORT Cloud

MetricsViews OORT Cloud Estimator - helps in estimating cost of various services available on leading cloud providers i.e. AWS, GCP, Azure with ease.

Use ‘OUR’ Expertise to streamline your Application life cycle.

Provisioning of Infrastructure
Configuration Management
Artifact Management
Semantic Versioning


We help companies adopt cloud native technologies to make their infrastructure robust and scalable. Our agile DevOps and DevSecOps practices have enabled clients for smoother cultural transition and building robust CI/CD pipelines that are faster, smarter and secured.


MetricsViews leverages leading cloud platforms to provide SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS services. MetricsViews' certified engineering teams have delivered cloud-native development, application & data migration, cloud product engineering, and cloud security projects using sophisticated and agile development methodologies.

  • All
  • Cloud
  • Microservices
  • DevOps

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Meet Our Team

Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success –Henry Ford.

Meet our Versatile and Dynamic team

Wilfred Vaz


Enjoys complex problem solving skills, Master in technologies and Solution design

He brings more than 15 years of experience working with challenging domains

A serial entrepreneur, passionate about youth development

Keen interest in music and electronics.

Nikhil Kumar


Ace in DevOps technologies, having deep expertise in cloud native & system designs

He brings 8+ years of experience in cloud-computing & automations

With a proven track record of delivering million-dollar projects, maintaining uptime of 99.99% for multinationals & start-ups

Crazy about food and technologies.

Srikanth V


Early adapters of the IT era with 35 years of core IT expertise

One of the very few talents capable to code with early programming languages like FORTRAN, COBOL to today's web enabled technologies

A guiding force for today's entrepreneurs

A philanthropist, a teacher & a music lover.

Cinque Terre

Nadeem Syed


Pioneer in IT industry with total of 24 years of experience

An expert in providing solutions for ever growing IT market

A serial entrepreneur with expertise in services & products

Father of two princesses, loves to travel.


Build World-class Environment

Using ‘OUR’ expertise
MetricsViews OORT Cloud Estimator - helps in estimating cost of various services available on leading cloud providers i.e. AWS, GCP, Azure with ease.
Plan to streamline your management principles, and technology tools that help to implement best practices.
We use Agile methodology that refers to an iterative approach, which focuses on collaboration, customer feedback, and small, rapid releases.
DevOps is considered a practice of bringing development and operations teams together.
Solution Architect - Understand Interpret & Build the correct blueprint to deliver Business Solutions.
Technical Architect - Implementaion of smart business solutions on all aspect of technical requirement. Be it - Monolithic, Microservice, Server less, Big-data, Blockchain, Machine Learning & AI.
Provisioning of Infrastructure - with Smart DevOps tools like Terraform, Cloudformation on cloud.
Configuration Management - with tools like Ansible, Chef, Puppet and many more.
CI/CD - with Jenkins, Gitlab-CI, Github-workflow, Argo CD, Bitbucket pipeline, AWS/Azure DevOps to name a few.
Containerization - with Docker, LXD, Containerd and Others.
Orchestration - with Kubernetes, Docker Swarm, Apache Mesos, OpenShift.
Artifact Management - Jfrog, Nexus, ECR, ACR, GCR, Docker Hub, Nugget.
Semantic Versioning - Importance of determining the version number of new software releases.
DevOps monitoring - entails overseeing the entire process from Infrastructure to Application level in-depth insights.
It involves a complete and real-time view of the status of applications, services, and infrastructure in the production environment.
Documentation - It reminds, reinforces, clarifies, and limits the scope of the project. Without documentation, we often find ourselves in never-ending circles.
Support - Technical support resolves technical issues that can stop a company's business processes dead in their tracks.


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